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Golden Glow Face Serum 1 oz

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A unique blend of hand-picked Natural & Organic ingredients made by hand, our Golden Glow Face Serum might just be your latest obsession. This luxurious blend of all-natural, plant-based active oils improves skin's elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It's an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which help brighten, balance, and repair the skin. It locks in moisture, resulting in nourished, glowing skin.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is a supreme skin healer. It repairs damaged skin, scar tissue, and reduces wrinkles. Sea Buckthorn is known to strengthen the epidermis and the body’s cell membranes. It will reduce inflammation in the skin, prevent future flare ups, help to fade scars and promote an overall more even and smoother skin texture.

Chamomile Extract is highly anti-inflammatory and is a natural complexion brightener that repairs and softens skin texture. The rich concentration of antioxidants combat signs of aging by inhibiting free radical activity. 

Pomegranate Oil nourishes our skin with its massive store of vitamin C – one of the biggest vitamins in skin care. Pomegranate offers regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties that promote bouncy, glowing skin.

Rose Geranium is reputed to balance the skin's natural oil production. It improves skin's elasticity and increases collagen production .It minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, it tightens, brightens skin while eliminating infection-causing or acne-causing bacteria, and enhances circulation. 

Turmeric Essential Oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. These characteristics provides glow and luster to the skin. Turmeric may also revive your skin by bringing out its natural glow. Tumeric lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, treats acne and gives an even skin tone.


Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Evening Prim Rose Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Argan Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamin E, Tansy Blue Essential Oil, Tumeric Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile and Rosemary Leaf Extract.