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How To Achieve The Perfect Twist Out

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How To Achieve The Perfect Twist Out

Every Naturalista has run into this routine at least once in their natural hair journey; you wash your hair, apply your favorite moisturizer, and wake up for the perfect, curly twist out. Much to your dismay, your hair appears dry dull, and sometimes even still wet. At Ajaa’ Naturals, we have created the perfect solution to alleviate those textured-style woes. Read below to find out how you can have the perfect twist out every time.

Step 1: Start on Freshly Washed Hair

You want to make sure your hair is clean of any dirt, buildup, and debris that may interfere with the styling process. We recommend using our Lavender and Honey Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo for best results.

Step 2: Moisturize to Define Your Curls

If your hair is moisturized your twist out results will be soft, bouncy, and defined. Moisturizing your hair is perhaps one of the most essential steps in the process for the perfect twist out. Apply your favorite moisturizer/styler from root to ends to allow the product to penetrate your hair. We recommend using our Herbal Hair Milk. Its lightweight formula made with Aloe Vera will not weigh your curls down but instead will provide your hair with enough moisture and shine for your style.

Step 3: Seal in your Moisture To Provide Hold

Sealing your hair is a crucial step to any hair care routine. Sealants act as an extra layer of protection for your hair as well as hold the moisture in your hair. Adding a sealant to your Twist Out routine will also aid in providing your hair with some hold to make your style last longer and prevent frizz. We recommend using our Nourishing Hair Butter, it's handcrafted with Shea butter and will melt into your fingertips, making it easy to apply throughout your hair before twisting. 


Step 4: Refresh Those Curls!

It’s been a couple of days, and you want to refresh those gorgeous curls. Forget applying product throughout your hair for a second time; use a leave-in conditioner! Having a reliable leave-in conditioner or setting spray will work wonders to help you achieve the most bomb twist out! We recommend using our Hibiscus Silky Leave-In Conditioner to wake the moisture up in your hair, its lightweight and smells amazing!!

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