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Every Naturalista has run into this routine at least once in their natural hair journey; you wash your hair, apply your favorite moisturizer, and wake up for the perfect, curly twist out. Much to your dismay, your hair appears dry dull, and sometimes even still wet. At Ajaa’ Naturals, we have created the perfect solution to alleviate those textured-style woes. Read below to find out how you can have the perfect twist out every time. Step 1: Start on Freshly Washed Hair You want to make sure your hair is clean of any dirt, buildup, and debris that may interfere...

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Regardless of your hair type and texture, it is always important to ensure that your hair is properly moisturized. Hair that lacks moisture is not only more susceptible to breakage but can stunt the growth of your hair. We believe that naturals should always strive for healthy hair and one very important piece is making sure that hydration is a key step in your hair routine.

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