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Three Reasons Why You Should Deep Condition Your Hair

Three Reasons Why You Should Deep Condition Your Hair

Are you looking to grow your hair? Do you notice that your hair is dry and dull? It might be time to incorporate a deep conditioner into your daily hair routine if you experience any of the above issues.

Deep conditioning is an important step to any natural’s hair care routine. Here are three reasons why you should deep condition your hair. 

1. Improves Your Hair’s Elasticity

Your hair’s elasticity is measured by how much it stretches without breaking. Deep conditioning improves your hair’s elasticity by keeping it moisturized and hydrated. You can test your hair’s elasticity by taking a strand of your wet hair and gently pulling. If the hair lengthens and draws up again, you have normal elasticity. If the hair lengthens and breaks then you may be experiencing poor elasticity in your hair.


2. Adds Moisture Back Into The Hair

One of the biggest reasons you haven’t reached your hair goals can be because your hair might not be moisturized. Deep conditioning regularly improves the overall moisture in your hair. Moisture is vital to keep your tresses nourished and healthy. Once your hair is moisturized, you’ll notice improvements in your hair’s overall shine and luster as well.


3. Defines Curls

Regular Deep Conditioning will make a tremendous improvement in the definition of your curls. Moisture and curl definition go hand in hand. For optimal curl definition, we recommend starting your Deep Conditioning treatment once a week to allow your hair to thrive.

Product Recommendation

We recommend incorporating our Honey and Sage Intense Deep Conditioner into your daily Hair Routine. Its plant-based ingredients will give your hair a luxurious, natural hydrating experience. (It’s made with honey, coconut oil, and olive oil to name a few!) Not to mention it aides in hair growth!

How to Use

To use as a rinse out conditioner, or co-wash apply to hair, let sit for 5-7 minutes, and then rinse. As a deep conditioner apply to hair, cover with conditioner cap and let sit for 15-20 minutes, and rinse out.

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